All your base are belong to us.
The XX

—Basic Space


Neck, chest, waist to floor
Easy to take, you could take me in fours
Make me a deal, a day a piece
Take it all, just stay a week

I’ll take you in pieces
We can take it all apart
I’ve suffered shipwrecks right from the start
I’ve been underwater, breathing out and in
I think I’m losing where you end and I begin

Basic space, open air
Don’t look away, when there’s nothing there

I’m setting us in stone
Piece by piece, before I’m alone
Air tight, before we break
Keep it in, keep us safe

It’s a pool of boiling wax
I’m getting in
Let it set
Got to seal this in
Can’t adjust, Can’t relearn
Got to keep what I have, preserve

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Peter Sarstedt

—Where Do You Go To My Lovely


Peter Sarstedt - Where Do You Go To My Lovely

The Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack
Hotel Chevalier Soundtrack

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This short review shows some of the capabilities within this fine piece of equipment. The Roland CR-8000 is a fine drum machine, no doubt about that, but with the modifications made by Gotharman it’s a completely new machine. Besides an evil filter there is a noise mod added to the clap (with attack possibility), tune on the kick and it’s possible to bypass all the modifications (plus some more additions that turns our Roland CR-8000 into one of a kind drum machine!).


Fernando Perdomo’s entry into the Todd Rundgren remix competition. This is a dream come true!

Aside from the stems Todd provided, no samples were used to make this remix. I added Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, 6 and 12 string acoustics, Moog Synthesizer, Microkorg mellotron, bass, and dropped an amp to make the reverb blow up. Eddie Zyne played the drums. Zach Ziskin polished the mix..

Photo by Bart Versteeg